Ugly sailswoman
Gives me my change
With her ugly hand
And tells me
That alcohol and nicotine kill people
And I reply
That only people kill people

Grey mass is all over the street
They all are going somewhere
It is obvious
That they just merely exist

I went home
Drank a bottle of whiskey
Smoked a pack of cigarettes
Put a rope around my throat and jumped
Down off a chair
Looks like
The sailswoman was right

Аноним asked:

You are worthy of love and someone who won't lie to you. This isn't a healthy relationship, you will never truly know when he is being truthful about his feelings. He has been honest about his mental disorder, and he's a master manipulator it seems. My honest answer is you need to LOVE YOURSELF and put yourself first in this situation. You're beautiful inside and out and deserve much more. :)

Thank you. But the hardest thing to believe in is definetely ourselves…